Cambodia: First Impressions

They say that first impressions are lasting impressions, and I think they are probably right. Whoever “they” might happen to be. My first impression of Cambodia is that it is beautiful country. Its people are delightful and warm. Its mosquitoes are also friendly, but there are methods of negotiating with them to stay away. Its weather is hot, humid, and usually sunny; it is currently the dry season although the rainy season will be welcomed within a few weeks. Its traffic is crazy, but riding a motorbike can be fun.

When I walked out the doors of the airport I expect the normal rush of people trying to sell me crap and offer me rides. Something seems fishy. No one is trying to sell me anything. anyway Pakk from Perfexcom was there to pick me up. The few people I’ve met so far speak English than i expected, Pretty much everyone under 20 can speak English quite well I’m told.

The ATM machines dispense US Dollars. Everything is priced in US Dollars. Transportation seems expensive, but rooms are pretty cheap. The local currency (Cambodian Riel – KHR) is one of those incredibly inflated things where you have to have a stack of money. $1 = 4,100KHR.

About the food, very delicious and tasty. I had such a good meal after a whole tiring day. Cambodia, as I know and love the trip so far. First impression: I like Cambodia.

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