Water water everywhere…

… yet not a drop to drink….
It is astonishing that in a city as small like Phnom Penh, there are at least 100+ different types of bottled water to choose from! making them more prevalent than black (4WD) lexus-es (or is that Lexi…) I mean there is few things better in life than independent choice! right? This is the basis of our capitalistic society …mmm… Looking at which water companies have the best quality. Only one third have actually any water quality certification (and most of these seem to be bogus). You can seriously buy a different kind every day!

Manufacturing bottled water in Cambodia is pretty much the one of the best business around, (other than mobile phones and Micro finance :) … and Lexus Dealerships… )There is hardly any regulation, regarding water quality and none that’s enforced. So the consumer just has to make sure that the water looks clear, then get some bottles made just like everyone else, and make up a company name, a pithy slogan, fake some purification standards on the label and you’re away! also you can just switch Company names often, maybe even for every production sequence. or just borrow someone else’s

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