Hello and welcome to my little part of cyber space, it’s a small and comfortable space that I hope will interest you for some time. This is the 8th reincarnation of my own website/homepage and well I hope that this one is a little more user friendly.

So why do you try and document your life on the Internet, it is quite a common question that I get from people. Well I guess that the main one is that I can! Also I have many friends all over the world and it is a way to let them know what I am up too. On the more serious side of thing I guess that it is a space where I can let people what I do, think and feel – in a passive manner. I mean you can here of your own free will and thus if you find it interesting then please stay and look around, if not then I wish you all the best in your cyber travels.

Please remember that I use ‘non standard’ English this is mainly due to my dyslexia. I hope that this wont offend you, nor that you will take this to mean that I am lazy or my English is substandard. I leave the English the way that it is because quite a lot of the content on this site was originally emails to people, where I expressed my self in a certain way. Sure I could clean all of this up but this is my little piece of cyber space, I and I choose not to! :-)

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